>Ive been using Pokekik since a while, some individuals have asked myself for this but i did sont possess document or down load anymore.

>Ive been using Pokekik since a while, some individuals have asked myself for this but i did sont possess document or down load anymore.

KIKPlus (KIK+ modded kik APK)

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NOTE : YOU ARE ABLE TO ONLY incorporate K+ IN THE EVENT THE ANDROID ADAPTATION is actually 5.0.0 OR HIGHER. IF YOU DON’T IT’S GOING TO CRASH. K+ pikek_OBB have the most recent Version kplus.apk

KIKplus having some top features of Pikek in a newer version of kik. Spiders will be able to work. Artificial Camera Resurrection.

Modded KIK messanger (Crykik apk)

Crykik try a modified client for Kik Messenger that operates on Android os, predicated on Pikek

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What altered in 2.2.7:

artificial digital camera has returned Bot service just what changed in 2.2.4: fun progress according to the hood! automobile Updating Smileys (as a result of Chad) exactly what altered in 2.2.3: eliminated artificial digital camera considering Kik patching they brand new Smileys Gorillas More latest Smileys Ninja Turtles exactly what changed in 2.2.2: New Smileys (Ye Olde Smileys) up-date option spot Notes switch Badge improvement (Pikek employees) genuine trademark (maybe not Riskware any longer) we’ve a number of chats like #crykik1, #crykik2, #crykik3, #crykek plus undetectable people.



Theme shade Changes an important color of the application.

Theme Hex submit a custom Hex shade to make use of as the apps primary shade.

Lightweight Hex Switches a custom made themes book colors to black.

Enable Hex Enables a custom theme considering what’s registered in Theme Hex.


Credentials Image permits a personalized background as used via gallery.

Enable credentials allows the selected custom made credentials.


Fake Camera This makes pictures you send out from the gallery looks as if you took these with the digital camera. Note: The vehicle give bug from Pikik try solved!

No salvage When someone gets news (image or video clip) from you, the option to save lots of it’ll be disabled.

Car cycle an individual obtains a video clip from you, it will probably automatically returning (begin with the start again following movie is finished).

Auto Mute an individual get a video away from you, it will likely be muted automatically. Note: They’re able to nonetheless unmute the video should they elect to.

Auto Enjoy an individual obtains media a video clip away from you, it will start playing automatically. Note: They can however disable this by going to Settings -> Chat Settings -> Vehicle Gamble films.

No forwards When someone obtains news (image or video) from you, the option to forth it’s going to be impaired. Note: they could still help save it (unless No protect was enabled) and send they to another team. TIMESTAMPS

All Timestamps This will showcase a timestamp above every content (like join/leave information).

Precise Timestamps This show the exact opportunity in the place of approximations such a instant before.


Global Settings CryKik is able to transform look over receipts and typing notifications per-chat. This means that you may make one cam (PM or group) discover S-check (sent receipts) and another talk cannot. This choice is applicable another two options to all chats irrespective. To get into the per-chat selection, disable this method and go to the talk information display screen for your chat you want to configure.

Disable Making Friends dating site Typing once you type it does not say XYZ try entering

Study Receipts Normal: each other will dsicover once you review (R) their own information. Here is the default behavior for Kik Messenger. Delievered: they are going to understand their own information got delievered (D) towards equipment. This could generally indicate their product has received her message nevertheless bringnt started they however. Stealth: each other will see that their particular message got sent (S) to Kik. This would typically imply your device is maybe not activated, linked to the websites, you will be signed aside, or else unable to receive communications.


Save CryKik Settings All setup won’t be wiped whenever signing off Kik.

Protect Per-Chat This will save all per-chat alternatives and they will persist through resets. This really is helpful for switching account occasionally and keeping your per-chat configurations.


In the discussion record display screen discover a symbol to leftover for the Kik Browser icon (on top right), pressing this may talk about the following four activities:

Evident all chats this may forever remove all emails from all chats including exclusive emails. Mention: This does absolutely nothing to unique Chats. If you click on the brand-new Chats pub at the end, you will find a recycle bin icon at the very top right. Pressing that symbol will pull new chats.

Mute all chats This will mute (permanently) all chats.

Unmute all chats this can unmute all chats.

Mark all see this can eliminate the blue mark on all chats, indicating there’s absolutely no unread messages. Notice: This does nothing to brand new Chats. Insect: power shutting after applying this option will always make it just short-term therefore the unread condition will get back upon reopening CryKik. This does NOT submit any read bill (S, D, R) on chats.


Clear this can forever erase all messages within this cam.

Rescue This will cut a transcript to your SD card or interior storage. When using this method a toast will happen up suggesting the document path and file term. Notice: The file name is the timestamp after transcript ended up being spared and _TRANSCRIPT.txt